The Shop
Two Crows Designs is a mom-and-pop furniture and art endeavor out of Gainesville, Florida. We build custom furniture and related structural/artistic pieces on our own and by commission. We frequently collaborate with other local carpenters and artists as well. We specialize in many materials including wood, metal, repurposed, and salvaged materials.

Collectively, we have completed a wide range of diverse projects:

Commissioned one-of-a-kind custom furniture
Custom cabinetry for private residences and businesses
Sculptural welded steel projects (gates, railing, etc)
Home remodeling/carpentry and installation
Set and prop construction for countless theater productions

The Artists
Matthew Pollard is the artist, woodworker, and welder by trade. He has been working with metal and wood for about 15 years and has a background in fine arts in addition to his experience designing and creating functional pieces.

Rhiannon Pollard contributes to design and concept as well as sourcing materials. She handles the business side of the shop and also designs and manages outreach (as well as this website).

Other artist info will be added as available. If you are a carpenter or welder (or want to learn) and are interested in working with us, let us know.